Soft Machine - Softstage: BBC In Concert 1972

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Another week, another archival Soft Machine release! Seriously, though, it is simply amazing how many extremely high quality releases have appeared in the last 12 years of so, and this is another very good one, featuring the Hugh Hopper/Karl Jenkins/John Marshall/Mike Ratledge version of the band (i.e. the Soft Machine "Six" line-up). Remastered in 2005 by Mike King.

"This is the welcome reissue of a 1972 BBC In Concert session previously released on Windsong. Unlike the 1971 session, the Hux version comes without bonus tracks, but with a much improved packaging - nice cover, detailed liner notes, and corrected indexing. This concert was recorded just after Karl Jenkins had joined the band, several months before the live album from Six. Consequently there is more material from 5 and earlier albums - even "Slightly All The Time" from Third - and overall this is a very good document of that line-up's skills and energy. Listen to Mike Ratledge's fuzz organ on "Drop" and you'll get the idea !"-Aymeric Leroy /
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