Soft Machine - Somewhere in Soho 2 x CDs (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Great playing from the band at one of their early peaks as the classic quartet, and very meh, 1970 audience tape sound for this one. Do you know the first time Robert wore that leather cap or when Ratledge first put on the dark glasses? If so, then you will want this and love it.

Recorded in April, 1970 at Ronnie Scott's and featuring a fantastic set list of their works.

"Yet another live document from the 'classic' line-up of Soft Machine, from the period when Third was recorded, and the then-new quartet line-up was beginning to find its feet. Thankfully, the sound quality here is distinctly better than the previous Voiceprint release, Facelift (recorded just a few days later), although still an amateur recording. No major surprises as the band's set was very consistent at the time, but a more playful atmosphere presides in the quartet's interplay, most notably in the finale of "Esther's Nosejob". An interesting document for Softs completists."-Calyx/Aymeric Leroy
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