Soft Machine - Volume Two (2012 remaster)

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Newly issued remaster, mastered by Bob Irwin finally taken from the finally found original stereo masters and packaged in a spiffy little digipack with all the materials intact. This is the best sounding version of this great album that exists.
The Soft Machine's amazing 2nd album was light years ahead of its time for early '69. A fine combination of Robert Wyatt's melodicism, voice & great dumming mixed with the heady compositions of either Hugh Hopper and his fuzz bass or Mike Ratledge and his distinctive screaming organ tones. Remastered and maybe it sounds a little better or maybe it doesn't. IMO, this was never a great sounding album, but it's more than adequate sonically for 1969 and simply unbelievable musically. Do you need this remaster if you already own this album? I dunno. But you NEED this album for certain if you don't already own this.
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