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First-ever legit reissue of a incredibly rare (and incredibly weird / incredibly stoned-to-the-max) release on the incredibly collectable GUMP label in 1971. Includes a booklet with lots of photos and in-depth liner notes. A limited edition of only 600 made!

"Johnny Mowinckel - electric piano, acoustic guitar, vocals, tamboura, congas
Dick Nettelbrandt - drums, vocals
Einar Heckscher - percussions, vocals
Mowinckel had previously played in Atlantic Ocean and Fl�sket Brinner (prior to their first album). Sogmusobil's album is completely wacky and a spellbinding trip all the way through. Mowinckel's manipulated piano (treated with various studio effects) and brain damaged rantings (probably treated with various chemicals) are totally unbelievable. Some have compared Sogmusobil to Tr�d, Gr�s och Stenar, but in my opinion this only applies to a shared hippie ideology.

Hardly like anything else at all, their sound could be said to reflect Captain Beefheart, Bob Dylan, Can, Lea Riders Group's "Dom K�llar Oss Mods!" and Their Satanic Majesties Request. This is a classic piece of Swedish psychedelia. The tracks had either Swedish or English lyrics, all completely hilarious! Mowinckel and Heckscher later played in Levande Livet."-Scented Gardens Of The Mind
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