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"In the grand tradition of high concept progressive rock comes an epic cross-media hybrid where cerebral science fiction meets visceral rock n roll. Sontaags eponymous debut album has been described as the rock opera that Pink Floyd never wrote, a modern-day Tubular Bells, a prog-rock War Of The Worlds, but no reference point or sound-bite nails its seamless combination of space rock, narrative spoken word, and evocative ambience quite as neatly as sonic cinema. Recorded in New York City and London, co-produced and mixed by Youth for Big Life Management, Sontaag is a stunning and immersive listening experience. An evolutionary progression combining cutting edge sounds with classic dynamics, adapting the rock experience for todays digital environment. Arriving in a landscape where music, books and movies often co-exist on a single handheld device, Sontaag represents a seamless fusion of the finest elements of all three. Sontaag (the band) features Richard Sontaag (composition, instruments, concept, co-production), Ian Fortnam (story, lyrics, voice, concept) with Milo Venter (drums) and Amanda Cross (vocals). Become more Sontaag."

"Great sounding, sort of Pink Floyd meets Tangerine Dream with a fair amount of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds style narration. Definitely evocative of those 70s "concept albums". I love it!"-Kevin Adair
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