Soulengine - Mind Colours CD

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This is the debut album formed by the ex-The Watch players Ettore Salti (guitars) and Fabio Mancini (keyboards). This is all-instrumental symphonic rock with a definite early/mid 70s Genesis feel.

"First album for the Italian band formed by ex-The Watch members Ettore Salati and Fabio Mancini. The music is new and unique even if it draws from the 70's with veins of Progressive Jazz, classical music, psychedelia. An album full of melodic virtuosity and arrangements that bring out the talent of the individual elements of the band:
Ettore Salati: electric, acoustic, double neck, 12-string guitars, bass pedals
Fabio Mancini: hammond, piano, mellotron, wurlitzer, rhodes, moogs
Nando de Luca: electric, fretless, acoustic bass
Giacomo Pacini: drums, percussions

SoulenginE's first release is full of different influences which the band blends in an unique way, to have an uncompromising style and sound: you can find the best of 70's progressive rock blended with jazz, classical music, fusion, psychedelia. Everything in "Mind Colours" is enriched by gorgeous arrangements and virtuosisim, and melody is the leit motiv for the whole album. How the album, was born? Ettore Salati and Fabio Mancini worked together for years for another international progressive rock band, The Watch, and they shared many important experiences, like the "Vacuum tour" which brought them to play live all over the world and in international progressive festivals, and recording the albums "Vacuum", "Live Bootleg" and "Primitive". In two different moments, both left the band and started to work on original compositions. The two guys had so many original songs in their minds that immediately wanted to let a real band been born. The first aim was to merge all the influences they had, which crossed the borders from seventies' progressive rock to jazz, fusion, psychedelia and so on..."
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