Spaced Out - Live at the Crescendo Festival (special)

"Recorded live in 2006 at the Crescendo Festival in France, this new Spaced Out Enhanced CD contains their memorable first concert in Europe during the Unstable Matter Tour in 2006. With 4 Studio albums, one live DVD, this new Live CD is a great way to feel the intensity of the Spaced Out live experience. Spaced Out offers a style of music where aspects such as rhythm, harmony and melody have been carefully thought out and composed with the goal of bringing this style to life. Through the well structured forms, the players are free to express their personality with improvised solos. In their repertoire, polyrhythmic games combined with modal colors form a unique music which is instantly recognizable. Influences from musicians such as Keith Emerson, Jan Hammer, Eddie Jobson, John Mclaughlin, Frank Zappa, Trevor Rabin, Igor Stravinsky, Sergey Prokofiev, Bélà Bartok, Philip Glass and many more have played a big part in the music created and produced by S O. The level of intensity produced by this instrumental music band is to such a high degree, that the listener is undoubtedly left spellbound."
  • LabelUnicorn
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