Spermchurch - Merdeka Atau Mati CD

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Sannety: electronics
Trevor Dunn: bass

“The album “merdeka atau mati” was constructed through a number of rigorous writing sessions, rehearsals and home recordings mostly in 2017/2018. Meticulous care was given to create something new that included improvisation but not ruled by it.
Sannety designed a unique software instrument (programmed in Max/MSP by Dutch programmer Timo Hoogland) — a percussion instrument in its own right — that explores micro-rhythms not unlike Carnatic or gamelan music. This instrument allows her to play games with temporal gestures & specific parameters by using algorithms. Within this context Trevor applied electric bass, processed with an array of pedals (distortion, octaver, granular loops, tone knobs) to weave textural accompaniment and harmonic and rhythmic counterpoint.
The title “medeka atau mati” was a slogan of the Indonesian Revolution of 1945-1949 which essentially translates as “live free or die”. Sannety had this phrase tattooed on her arm, somewhat sardonically, as she was half Dutch and half Indonesian, manifesting as the oppressor and the oppressed. She would often talk about having the word “atau” (or) crossed out, which is why the title of the record should have a strike-though across that word.”
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