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"Although this album may not be seen as the definitive Spirit statement, it has several moments of brilliance that prove what a revolutionary band they were. Coming off of the success of The Family That Plays Together and "I Got a Line on You," the group entered the studio with Lou Adler once again in the producer's chair. Unfortunately, the group appeared to be beginning to fragment, and it shows on this uneven but ultimately fine album. "Dark Eyed Woman" opens the album with promise, and it is indeed one of Spirit's hardest-rocking studio performances. Randy California's inspired guitar solo is one of the finest performances of the period. The riff and general feel of the track (right down to the siren sound effects) were borrowed by Traffic on "Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory." The record tends to go downhill from there (primarily due to some uninspired songwriting), but is not without its high points, like "Cold Wind" and the awesome closer "New Dope in Town."-Matthew Greenwald/All Music Guide
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I have to say that after listening to all the early Spirit albums this is my favorite. Unlike most folks who write-off the jazz side of this band,....I felt this was a great ,varied show of all the powers this band posessed. Here neat 1960's pop songs(with great guitar) ,sit nicely next to stately instrumental cuts (originally intended for a movie soundtrack). You could really hear why Jimi Hendrix would have included Randy California in his pre-Experience band(The Blue Flames). Too bad the two of 'em never reunited to make the album they might have ....if they were at all appreciated the way they should have been in the USA(in the Blue Flames era...that is!). Maybe some of this album's reviewers have less understanding of the fine line between "boring" jazz....and "tasteful" music? Strangely I started here....and through the rest of their albums never found one with a sound to match. 'Though every one of these early albums had their own particular charms,and are not to be missed(IMO)!
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