Spirit - Family That Plays Together CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"On this, the second Spirit album, the group put all of the elements together that made them the legendary (and underrated) band that they were. Jazz, rock & roll, and even classical elements combined to create one of the cleanest, most tasteful syntheses of its day. The group had also improved measurably from their fine debut album, especially in the area of vocals. The album's hit single, "I Got a Line on You," boasts especially strong harmonies as well as one of the greatest rock riffs of the period. The first side of this record is a wonderful and seamless suite, and taken in its entirety, one of the greatest sides on Los Angeles rock. The CD reissue also boasts some excellent bonus tracks. "So Little to Say" is one of Jay Ferguson's finest compositions ever, and the jazz-inspired instrumentals such as "Fog" and "Space Chile" showcase pianist John Locke as one of the most inspired and lyrical players in the rock idiom to date. All in all, a classic album and a true landmark."-Matthew Greenwald/All Music Guide
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While in no way would I skip over this release. I just don't find myself listening straight through it many times. Could be that "Silky Sam" slows the album down a bit(with it's "sound effects" mid-part),...or maybe I find the orchestrations a bit heavy on some tunes(just a few songs ,mind you). But ,over all ,this is another really fine album (which I myself might rate just below their first). Sophmore slump,maybe? But NO slouch for this band with many talents! Start with the first....buy Clear ,and listen to this last ....before just running out to get 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus(their rock masterpiece). If you still find youself panting for more....grab The Toy Shop (on Sundazed) to get the full picture. ...and ..."ummm"...don't expect "Feedback" to even sound anything like any of the afore mentioned albums...skip to Randy California's "Captain Copter" and/or "Potatoland",OK?!
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