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"Spirit's debut unveiled a band that seemed determine to out-eclecticize everybody else on the California psychedelic scene, with its melange of rock, jazz, blues, folk-rock, and even a bit of classical and Indian music. Teenaged Randy California immediately established a signature sound with his humming, sustain-heavy tone; middle-aged drummer Ed Cassidy gave the group unusual versatility; and the songs tackled unusual lyrical themes, like "Fresh Garbage" and "Mechanical World." As is often the case in such hybrids, the sum fell somewhat short of the parts; they could play more styles than almost any other group, but couldn't play (or, more crucially, write) as well as the top acts in any given one of those styles. There's some interesting stuff here, nonetheless; "Uncle Jack" shows some solid psych-pop instincts, and it sounds like Led Zeppelin lifted the opening guitar lines of "Taurus" for their own much more famous "Stairway to Heaven."-Richie Unterberger/All Music Guide
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Fabulous start to a great ,"semi-lost" band. Most folks jump right to "12 dreams..." (for it's "rock" oriented-ness)and miss the great sounds on these cool early discs. This album is really 4 and 1/2 stars to me(but the ratings here won't all for 1/2...). There are just so many high points to this album. It could appeal to Moby Grape fans (like on Straight Arrow),or psych lovers ("...Canyon's burning down...",and Mechanical World) and includes some of that "jazz" element (so well documental on Clear Spirit)too. This band had tons of talent to burn....and through these early albums made a fine showing of it....albeit with a "dark" lyrical bent. Was that "darkness" the reason for their lateness to "the charts"? God only knows. But here's a great way to start you very own obsession with this too little appreciated band. Off the top of my head I just can't recall which of these albums has Taurus on it......find that song and hear another Led Zep "appropriated" tune,that became "Stairway to Heaven"!
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