Spirits Burning - Our Best Trips: 1998-2008 (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Seventy-seven minutes, fourteen track must-own compilation of some of Spirits Burning's best recorded material from 1998 to 2008. Has tune(s) from some catalog releases such as 'Reflections In A Radio Show', 'Alien Injection' and 'Earth Born' but I did not realize that a good number of these cuts are actually exclusive to this very release. Cuts that definitely make this CD a keeper are easy to spot - like the well-played nine-minute "Ingredients, Pink Lady Lemonade Liftoff", the title track of the '08 disc - previously mentioned "Earth Born" as well as "Alpha Happiness" and one I didn't expect to see redone here - Daevid Allen's stellar "Opium For The People". Some notable players on this collection include Daevid Allen, Paul Eggleston (Architectural Metaphor), the late great Robert Calvert, violinist Simon House, Alan Davey, Kawabata Makoto, Casino Cotton, Mychael Merrill (Melting Euphoria), Trevor Thoms and many more. Essential."-Mike Reed
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