Spirits Burning - Starhawk (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“As chief convenor of space-rock collective Spirits Burning, Don Falcone has been bringing musicians together across the ether almost since the idea of internet-based collaborations emerged, developing relationships throughout the pantheon of Gong, Hawkwind and related bands.
Here, there’s not only a slew of former Hawks, but also Keith Christmas, Counting Crows’ Matt Malley, acoustic troubadour Nigel Mazlyn Jones, Steffi Sharpstrings of Here & Now, members of Yes, The Groundhogs, Van Der Graaf Generator, High Tide... It’s a massive list even before mentioning a posthumous appearance from Daevid Allen, a long-time associate.
Falcone builds his albums around specific ideas, and this one is a concept album based on the Starhawk sci-fi novels from American writer Mack Maloney. For those unfamiliar with the stories, there’s an accompanying comic-strip laying out the basic narrative. Its 17 tracks are mainly mid-tempo progressive rockers with spacey backgrounds and although they’ve a consistency to them, the harnessing of so many musicians does lend it a patchwork feel which underlines that the songs have been built and layered from so many remote locations.
That said, full marks for Falcone’s breadth of vision. Arguably there’s no one else in the genre using technology to build their work in such a widespread collaborative way. The effect that the expansion of the Spirits Burning family has had is impressive.”-Record Collector UK

“Couldn't help but to notice that this disc possessed out-standing lyrics completely through out it's duration.
Don Falcone - keyboards, synthesizer, organ, drums & lead vocals
Nik Turner – sax
Bridget Wishart - cello, oboe, double bass, trumpet & vocals
Billy Sherwood, Jerry Richards & Fabio Golfetti (Gong, IOCOT) – guitars
Twink – tambourine
Paul Sears & Scotty Smith – drums
Paul Hayles – synthesizer
Kev Ellis (Dr. Brown) - harmonica & vocals
among many others.”-Mike Reed
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