Spock's Beard - V (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"The follow-up to Day For Night, titled V, proved to be a stunning success for Spock's Beard in the eyes of their fans and the majority of the progressive rock faithful. Taking an even more epic approach (complete with a 16 minute and 27 minute track) the band were really firing on all cylinders from both an instrumental and lyrical standpoint, delivering just what modern prog audiences wanted. Ryo Okumoto was slowly starting to show what he was capable of behind the keyboards, delivering layers of blinding fusion-oriented synth lines, vintage Hammond & Mellotron, and various other keyboard tapestries, which worked well alongside Neal Morse's piano and synth. Morse himself had by this time developed into a master craftsman as far as creating catchy melodies housed within bombastic and complex prog rock arrangements, and his vocal talents also helped listers get drawn into the bands alluring style."-Sea of Tranquility
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