Squonk Opera - Inferno

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Squonk Opera are from Pittsburgh and are a musical/theatrical troupe who are as at home in theatre settings as they are at a club. Vocals, guitars, keyboards/accordion, woodwinds, percussion are all utilized, along with lighting. They have created 8 original shows of which this is the soundtrack to one, from 2001. I've seen them a couple of times and it's always first rate and entertaining.

"Based on Dante’s Divine Comedy, Squonk Opera’s Inferno is set in the Appalachian coal town of Centralia, PA, where a mine fire simmers underground to this day. It is a town where trees, still standing, turn to ash. Pets disappear. A place that would melt your shoes where you stand. Squonk Opera’s Inferno combines revolutionary projection puppets with the aural beauty and visual wit that has come to define a Squonk Opera show. The cast of seven musicians and actor/puppeteers propel the show into the shadowy world of memories that the industrial revolution left behind." "…inventive, layered fun. It's a surreal dreamscape, alternately sweet, silly, satiric, portentous…and cool. An entertaining cross between a Kennywood outing, an eccentric opera and an interactive video installation, it's a 70-minute visual and musical geekathon that scurries back and forth between many levels."-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"...dazzling, often enigmatic and playful images and the weird but haunting music that has long been [Squonk’s] trademark"-Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
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