Star Period Star - Can't See The Forest

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“Can’t See the Forest is the third studio album from Star Period Star and our first release in 15 years. It features songs about camping trips gone bad, people that taste colors and smell pictures, and landfills creeping into the sea. It's a kaleidoscopic musical journey, at times heavy and complex, and at others unabashedly poppy, and with lots of the weird chord progressions and riffs that we loooove to indulge in. The new lineup features Pat Hamilton (formerly of Sinister Moustache) on keyboards, Joe Colone on bass, and original members Dan Sweigert on guitars and vocals and Dan VanSchindel on drums. Special guest Mike Sary (French TV) also appears on fretless bass."

"I’ll be darned, after 15 years we’ve got a new album from Star Period Star. Their last album – Jet Propulsion Mystery Summer – was released in 1998 and really bowled me over. My review in AI #7 made references to Massacre, Dr Nerve, Thinking Plague, Cheer Accident, King Crimson, and I even threw in a comment about “Sex Pistols acid kosmiche”. The band were an Illinois based trio, though the current lineup only includes one of them, Dan Sweigert (guitars, bass, keyboards, bamboo flute, percussion and vocals), who has since relocated to South Carolina. New members include Joe Colone on bass, Pat Hamilton on keyboards, guitar and backing vocals, and Dan VanSchindel on drums and backing vocals. The only names from the last album are guests Ron Jagielnik on autoharp and treatments and Mike Sary (remember French TV?!) on fretless bass."-Aural Innovations
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