Steensland, Simon - A Farewell To Brains

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I have long enjoyed the work of Simon Steensland, a Swede who has released a number of very good albums over the last 20 years or so. He is a multi-instrumentalist and releases heavy, zeuhl/Univers Zero-flavored heavy and dark progressive albums.

This was recorded between 2010-2014 and features a huge number of players, including Morgan Ågren-drums, Robert Elovsson-keyboards (Mats/Morgan Band), Guy Segers-bass (Univers Zero) & many more. If you dig zeuhl and complex-leaning rock, this composer and performer is definitely for you!

"The new album by the Swedish composer, on the scenes since more than 20 years, offers to us the usual unique combination of rock, classic, contemporary and Zehul. The dark atmosphere and the astonishing performing by Morgan Ågren on drums are the essential features of Steensland’s sound on this album that represents the highest peak of his creativity."

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