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Stekpanna - Barking

Or as they are really named: [stekpanna], but I dunno if our search engine will appreciate the brackets...
"Stekpanna fans will enjoy this set of typically hip, happening, and deeply groovy originals alongside a characteristically quirky deconstruction of the heavy metal classic Paranoid. Those new to the maverick Anglo-Scandinavian trio will find engaging melodies and expressive improvisation in a spacious sonic landscape – think EST with guitars, only cooler and wittier."

"That's what I was expecting from Slam: modern, intelligent, funny jazz. This Anglo-Scandinavia trio (Mads Kjølby, guitar; Steve Kershaw, bass; Peter Svärd, drums) has a few other albums under their belt. Starlight Barking is full of enlightened exchanges between long-time friends. I can hear a strong Monk influence, and a certain Mahavishnu Orchestra flavor. And wait until you hear their bold rereading of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid"!-François Couture
Mads Kjølby: electric & acoustic guitars
Steve Kershaw: double bass
Petter Svärd: drums & percussion
  • LabelSLAM
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