Stern-Combo Meissen - Die Original Amiga Alben 7 x CD box

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Hey Mr ProgRock band! You feeling sorry for yourself that no one understands you and your music? It could be worse - much worse - you could be a East German progressive rock band trying to make your art and ply your trade amid the Stassi surveillance....

Stern-Combo Meissen were an East German progressive outfit and this collects all seven of their original Amiga (the East German state record label - the ONLY legal record label when the band was in existence - all collected together in a handy little box. You get the following albums: Stern-Combo Meissen
Weisses Gold
Der Weite Weg
Reise Zum Mittlepunkt Des Menschen

"Established as the oldest of all East German rock bands...Stern Combo Meissen had always been very big on keyboards and developing a very large symphonic took a long time beforebefore they got an album released, but such a long apprenticeship led to a band with a highly original sound. In fact, Stern-Combo Meissen can be seen as establishing what was to become the characteristic sound of DDR progressive rock: a symphonic yet hard-edged complex rock with poetic German lyrics, often close to the sound of Novalis and later Anyone's Daughter...further albums refined their style, especially so the symphonic rock opus Weisses Gold, which is largely instrumental and highly complex..."-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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