Stevens, John / Away - John Stevens’ Away / Somewhere In Between / Mazin Ennit (expanded / remastered) 2 x CDs

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This is a real treat. Drummer John Stevens is best known for his pioneering work performing and championing non-idiomatic free music.

But he was an excellent drummer with voracious musical interests and he worked in many types of ensembles.

Away was his electric, somewhat harmolodic-style band that he led throughout the 70s in addition to his free work.

The band made three excellent albums of thorny, unique electric jazz for Vertigo between 1975-1977. None of the three albums has ever appeared on CD before until this package, which gives you all three albums in complete + bonus! This includes extensive notes by Charles Waring. Recommended!
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All three lps are great! Uniquely British, not light years away from Nucleus, Graham Collier or Colloseum. Mazin' Ennit lives up to its name and has a lovely depraved sense of humour. Whoops A Daisy, Away and Sunshine!! Sunshine could make you think Back Door took some drug that made them go Mahavishnu and then decided to do Benny Hill skit soundtracks.
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