Stevens, Vic/Mistaken Identities - If People Could Talk

Excellent, varied fusion album with a lot of musical colors and textures. Definitely NOT a shred-fest, and in fact, a lot of this is much more relaxed than I would have expected. Really nice to hear this after a long, stressful day...

"Third solo album from drummer/percussion/keyboardist Vic Stevens. For this iteration of his band Mistaken Identities, Vic has assembled a very potent lineup. Michael Manring is handling bass on the album - except on one track where Percy Jones fills in. Keyboardist Demetrious Pappas may be familar from his work on Scott McGill's Ripe album. Guitarist Alex Domshot and tenor/soprano sax player Ken Gioffre provide many of the leads, and latin percussionist Hector Rosado appears as well. As you would expect, this is an all instrumental fusion album. It features quite a bit of variation in sounds - it's not just high energy fusion (although that is here) - there are some beautiful atmospheric parts as well like "Which One's Moe", the track with Percy Jones. It's abstract, weird and cool as all hell. This is a disc packed with more chops than a USDA slaughterhouse. Michael Manring fans have to hear this. There has been a drought of great fusion discs - this one fills the bill quite nicely. Highly recommended."-Ken Golden/Laser's Edge
  • LabelDreambox
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