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Stinking Lizaveta - Scream of the Iron Iconoclast

"Stinking Lizaveta has spent more than a decade touring and releasing records of their own brand of instrumental metallic post-rock accentuated with jazz stylings and middle eastern influences. Album five is titled Scream of the Iron Iconoclast. For Scream of... Stinking Liz. returned to work with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio (he recorded their first album Hopelessness and Shame). They also enlisted John Golden to master the album. The results are now in your hands and are about as close to that live show as you are going to get. Unless of course you are currently at the club watching them."

"For those of you who assume the only thing separating Stinking Lizaveta from other heavy metal groups is that their bassist plays an upright bass—you’re dead wrong. Stinking Lizaveta is the Chuck Norris of heavy metal slamming your face into the mud after delivering a mean roundhouse kick to your temple. But these Walker Texas Rangers of metal forge their sound with an emphasis in free-form improvisational jazz and deliver it through a bong hit of Middle Eastern influences. Most folks that love heavy music like it because of the screamed vocals but Stinking Lizaveta is an instrumental metal group that is guaranteed to enlist anyone into their fan club. Heavier than molten lava!"-J-Sin/
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