Stop Motion Orchestra - Lightworks

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Alden Doyle-violin
Leila Henley-saxophones, vocals
Sam Arnold-bass, acoustic guitar, banjitar
Charlie Duncan-drums, percussion
Henna Chou-cello, keyboards
Mohadev-guitars, synths, piano

Clever, well-performed and FUN second release by this linchpin of the Austin, Texas new-music scene!
Elements of folky RIO-inspired bands like Hamster Theatre, L'Ensemble Raye, Lars Hollmer and others of that ilk, Frank Zappa, and much more.
Recommended to fans of instrumental, adventurous post-RIO music.

“On Lightworks, the group draws on influences ranging from Henry Cow, Magma, Haniwa-Chan, and Picchio Dal Pozzo, to traditional music from Eastern Europe and South Asia. While the musicians who appear on Lightworks have extensive resumés in Austin's progressive and experimental scenes, the collective voice that emerges across the five instrumental works transcends both scene and genre, revealing a close-knit telepathic unit at the height of their powers. The tracks deliver thunderous juxtapositions of style in the spirit of the "rock in opposition" movement: Eastern folk melodies played on sax and violin are interlaced with synthesized bass lines and layered electric and acoustic guitars; meticulous notation is balanced by a raw, DIY aesthetic that emphasizes texture, and atmosphere; ancient myths are given a new soundtrack for the 21st century.“

“From the Texas you don’t hear so much about, Stop Motion are a seven piece, rock-inflected, late sixties-mid-seventies influenced band (drums, bass, piano, synth, violin, cello, sax, banjitar) playing highly harmonically based, rhythmically interesting and through-composed music that’s a pleasure to listen to. Musicians playing musicianly rock with jazz chords and not biting the heads off chickens is an increasingly rare phenomenon, and worth your support. Familiar echoes of the better bands of the era, but still very much on its own track. Nice work.”-Chris Cutler
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Wow!!, this one is a solid keeper if you like your stop on a dime statistically dense stuff to be pretty challenging but still relatively easy on the ears. It somehow manages to stay interesting enough so that you forget or don't care about whether or not it's derivative of earlier great recordings.
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