Stormy Six - Al Volo (mini-lp sleeve / remastered)

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Stormy Six were one of the original five Rock-in-Opposition bands, but were (and remain) the most often overlooked for some reason. They were probably the musically least radical of the five bands (and politically the most radical), but they were still all fine musicians and I am genuinely very, very fond of them and this album, which was their last album in their original lifetime and which I consider their best work, even though on the surface it isn't really a 'progressive rock' work. By this time the band had stripped down to Umberto Fiori (vocals), Franco Fabbri (guitar, synth guitar, vocals), Tommaso Leddi (keyboards, guitar), Pino Martini (bass), Salvatore Garau (drums). There are arty 80s new wave influences, but it's still distinctly them and Umberto Fiori's singing is as wonderful as ever and the band is stupendously sharp. There are great melodies everywhere. As I said, this is my favorite of theirs, even though musically it has very little to do with what we now think of as "R.I.O. music". This has been unavailable on CD for years and years - thrilled to see its return! Recommended.

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A truly extraordinary band (check their Macchina Maccheronica album too) in yet another unusual shift yet it still retains their style. Less folk, a bit skewed, complex, harmonious, melodic. Love it!
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