Stormy Six - Cliche / Pinocchio Bazaar CD (mini-lp sleeve/remastered)

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Stormy Six-Cliche/Pinocchio Bazaar (mini-lp sleeve/remastered) $21.00 Stormy Six were one of the original five Rock-in-Opposition bands, but were (and remain) the most often overlooked for some reason. They were probably the musically least radical of the five bands (and politically the most radical), but they were still all fine musicians and I am genuinely very, very fond of them and this album, which I consider their first really great work. Using a lot of folk music influences and folk music instruments, this has a pleasing, heavily contrapuntal sound in both the instrumental and the multi-part vocal work that will definitely be of interest beyond the normal fans of R.I.O and appeal to fans of Gentle Giant and Jethro Tull in their folkiest moments. The original album was Cliche, conceived as a soundtrack for a theatre piece and with help from jazz players Guido Mazzon and Tony Rusconi includes a complete work, Pinocchio Bazaar, that was never released until the original version of this album on CD in the 90s. This has been unavailable on CD for years and years - thrilled to see its return! Recommended.
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