Sugar Creek - Please Tell a Friend (special)

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"This superb blend of psychedelia, rural rock and acid-tinged folk was recorded in New York in 1969. The band had come together in Ohio earlier in the decade, rising from the ashes of bands named the Infinite Doorknob and Headstone Circus. Sugar Creek contained two future solo hit-makers, Jonathan Edwards and Joe Dolce, but their album failed to connect with the public, despite containing blistering cuts such as "A Million Years," "Memory Tree" and "Night Flash." Nonetheless, it has gone on to develop a significant cult reputation and sells for ever-growing sums on the collectors' market."

Overlooked but appealing mix of late '60s West Coast and early 70s-style rock. Two outstanding psych tracks, the good news being that the rest delivers too."-The Acid Archives

"A mixture of driving blues-rock ('Old House') and the feedback-propelled ('Where Do You Find The Answer?') and excellent psych outings ('A Million Years'). Personal favorites include the band's psych efforts including 'Memory Tree' and 'Night Flash.' Killer tunes."-Bad Cat Records

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