Sula Bassana - The Night

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"Good space rock should always send one on a mind trip, but great space rock, or any great music for that matter, should move the listener emotionally. To my ear, Dave Schmidt has done that on this album with "The Night". Parts 3 and 4 are just majestically beautiful as well as otherworldly. Unfortunately, the earlier parts of the piece contain vocals that are less than stellar, so the song does not quite reach perfection, but it still soars nonetheless. The opener, "In Space", is another fine track. Is that instrument I hear a theremin? Whatever it is it gives the song an eerie old sci-fi film vibe that I love. The album closes with the awesome "Kosmokrator", a very heavy psych/space rocker with Dave adding some absolutely killer guitar licks along with more of the eerily fine sci-fi effects. I would highly recommend this album to Space Heads everywhere."
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