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"When the Beatles/Stones/Moodys threw down their Magical/Majesties/Lost Chord gauntlet and topped the charts; garage bands everywhere scrambled and struggled with the new sounds. One such band to admirably answer the call was Summerhill. This cd contains: orchestrated rock, acid guitars, tape loops, sound effects, Everly style harmonies, hippy romanticism and humor. Fitting the bill for the new FM free-format radio. You cannot dance to it, or bang your head and the production seems a bit dated; but, it is still a trip! This truly is an artifact from the "Fuzz,Acid and Flowers" era. Released initially on the Tetragrammaton label(same as Deep Purple's "Tales of Taliesyn")it includes two phenomenally progressive songs:
1. A Soft Voice - a Beatlesque phantasmagoria worthy of the White album
2. The Last Day...I hear you lying to me - early alternative country.
I won't say that this was my favorite lp as a teen but it did get played every weekend well up into my late 20's..."-Jerry Dunham
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