Sun Ra - Disco 3000 (expanded) 2 x CDs

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Recorded at The Teatro Cilak, 1/23/1978, Milan Italy - Sun Ra: piano, organ, Moog, Crumar Mainman, vocals, John Gilmore: tenor sax, drums, vocals, Luqman Ali: drums, vocals, Michael Ray: trumpet, vocals, June Tyson: vocals

This is a particularly good and weird one, with Ra playing a keyboard that included a primitive electronic rhythm box; that's right - this is Sun Ra with 'beats'!

"In the winter of 1977-78, philosopher, pianist and bandleader Sun Ra was in Italy. The Italian tour resulted in releases on Sun Ra's own Saturn label, all of which have long been out of print and all but impossible to find. With the re-release of Disco 3000 one of the most celebrated of these elusive Saturn gems is once more available. This release, and it's companion Media Dreams, capture a side of Sun Ra's work - small ensemble, close form, original composition, rather minimal - that is otherwise under-represented. Depending heavily on Ra's electric and electronic keyboards (including the mysterious Crumar Mainman - of which even the company has no record) and, more unusually, on his intelligent use of sequencers and rhythm machines, this is an important window on the evolution of Ra's musical thinking, rendered even more transparent by the economy of its means; a quartet comprising only saxophonist John Gilmore, trumpeter Michael Ray and drummer Luqman Ali."-Chris Cutler.

"An absolutely brilliant album, so adventurous and ahead of its time, it even sounds alien now. This was recorded live in Italy in 1978, with only a few Arkestra members and a keyboard called the Crumar Mainman, only 10 or so of which were manufactured. The Crumar Mainman was the first ever keyboard to use pre-programmed beats, and it sounds great. I have never actually seen a photograph of one, but it sounds great, with all sorts of wah and tremelo effects which Ra plays with throughout the album. The title track, a 26-minute extravaganza uses the beats through most of it, and at one point they launch into "Space Is The Place", then drift back into typical Arkestra madness. It's quite an earful, but sounds great. In a way, it reminds me of Miles' "Rated X" track. The remaining two tracks are also brilliant, "The Third Planet / Friendly Galaxy" is a great, mellow swinging track, where Ra plays piano and is a great contrast to the title track. The third track, "Dance of The Cosmo Aliens", is in similar form to the title track but has more repetitiveness to it, I love this track too. At the end of the whole thing, you do feel rather drained, but it is a great experience for the ears. I am listening to it right now!"
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