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Sun Ra - Space Is The Place CD + DVD + 125 page hardcover book (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Here it is! One of the craziest music films ever made! This is the infamous 1974 science fiction/blaxploitation/free jazz epic, starring Sun Ra and his Intergalatic Solar Arkhestra, along with a bunch of other incredibly cool material.

"This is the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Sun Ra's Space Is The Place. This limited edition release will include a hardcover book, a DVD of the film with new producer commentary, and a CD of the soundtrack.

It was forty years ago when Sun Ra's galactic-exploitation epic Space Is The Place was released to theaters around the USA. For the first time, Earthlings were able to look into the reality of Sun Ra; jazzman, alien, legend...spaceman. Space Is The Place is a movie beyond explanation, and yet it still remains one of the craziest, psychedelic, music-powered head-twisting fest ever to hit the theaters.

The DVD: Restored versions of both the original cut of Space Is The Place and the uncut version (both with remixed sound by Gary Hobish); New DVD commentary from producer Jim Newman; Sun Ra & Arkestra home movies.

The BOOK: Essays from screenplay writer Seth Hill and director John Coney; Forward by Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips; Interview with Ray Johnson (who played the Overseer in the film); Comments about the film from Arkestra members Marshall Allen and Danny Thompson; Dozens of never-seen-before photos, taken on and off set during the filming of the movie; Over 40 pages of commentary.

The CD: Soundtrack with two additional tracks added that were never present on the soundtrack release, but are in the film."
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