Sun Ra - Space Probe

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"A transition classic. Recorded mostly in the early ‘60s with Ra, Marshall Allen, John Gilmore, James Jacson, Nimrod Hunt and Thea Barbara, Space Probe explores stripped back forms and colour combinations that are far from jazz – or that attempt, very successfully, to take jazz into wholly new territories. Especially notable is the extraordinary Conversation Of J.P. for piano and percussion which, along with the opening track - an 18-minute Moog solo, probably recorded in 1970, just after Ra had newly acquired the instrument and was still putting it through its paces - make this an essential release in the Ra canon. As a whole, there is an impressive palette of ideas and experiments here, situating Ra at the heart of the musical revolution that was overturning orthodoxies in every field of musical endeavour at this time. The title track is notable as documenting Ra's early exploration (his first released) of the unworldly potential of a newly-acquired Mini-Moog –a prototype, in fact, given him by Robert Moog to test. Moog always claimed afterwards that he never understood exactly where some of those sounds came from – suspecting he (Ra) might have modified the instrument in some way."-Chris Cutler
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I just have to ask why this album took so long to reissue? It's opening MOOG piece is a very long and satisfying bit of experimentation that sounds just like you'd imagine(or at least how I imagined...Sun Ra would or should sound playing his first MOOG. It surpasses his My Brother The Wind Moog play in my opinion. Here you get a great deal of wild invention with Egyptian motif runs surfacing throughout! Very cool. The rest is great fun too....Hand-drums and sax ,flute,and way-out vocalizations all add up to a very cool and way-out release....added bonus tracks are icing for your cake here. Like I said before,"Why wait so long to reissue this?" It's certainly one of the more memorable releases for Ra and his fellow travelers.
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