Sun Ra - Wake Up Angels: Live at the Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1972-73-74 : 2 x CDs

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Wild, raucous show from Ra's early 70s prime (as opposed to his many other primes) features him in full glory in front of a big crowd who obviously are having a great time and 'get it' and are feeding back the energy to the band that the band are giving off. Decent sound for the time period (hey, if you're deep into Ra, sound quality is a second concern). Extensive, tiny-print notes that are impossible for me to read and that a man of John Sinclair's age should know won't be decipherable to us old folks.

"Recorded live at the Ann Arbor Blues And Jazz Festival 1972-73-74. The classic big band with a full complement of singers, CD 1, tracks 1 –10 (1972) feature the great Space is the Place Suite. After the first few minutes the sound is surprisingly good with great drums throughout; crystal clear. Presence and excitement are well captured, along with some blistering Ra electronics and the crowd cheering everyone on. A bass solo even: rare event. Tracks 11 - 18 (1973) roll straight on winding up with the long declamatory, dramaturgical, chant that gives this set its title and, so far as I know, appears here for the first time on any LP or CD. CD 2 rolls right along with a non-stop programme of Arkestra classics. Extensive notes by John Sinclair."-Chris Cutler

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