Sun Ra and his Intergalactic Research Arkhestra - It's After the End of the World: Live At the Donauschingen and Berlin Festivals (Mega Blowout Sale)

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This was one of the very first albums by Ra I ever heard and it was certainly a total immersion trip to Saturn. Recorded on what I believe was Ra's first European tour in 1970, this has some of his most 'out' sounds. "It's after the end of the world; don't you know that yet?"

"'I play space music. When one day humans on far away planets hear the sounds of cosmic beings, the music will seem familiar, for while they were on Earth they had heard Sun Ra."
Herman Poole Blount, the ex-Fletcher Henderson pianist, changed his name to Sun Ra and formed an Intergalactic Research Arkestra.
The myth-driven, avant-garde big band, which also incorporated elements of Duke Ellington and Count Basie, divided the jazz world. It wasnt just the music that caused the uproar: Sun Ras musical commune drew in dancers and fire-eaters, and the band performed in outlandish costumes.
Sun Ra could thank the benediction of Germanys jazz authority Joachim-Ernst Berendt for the black jazz gurus invitations to the 1970 Donaueschinger Jazz Days as well as the Berlin Jazz Festival.
This MPS Album was produced from the recordings of these concerts. They are certainly a documentation of jazz history; with an unusual instrumentation, the 21 piece band creates noises and percussive sounds that are, and remain, out of this world."
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A very "free" release for Sun Ra. This pushes into the loud jazz territory ,quite more of a racket than I'd expected....but all linked by a slightly confrontational set of poetry introductions. If you like John Zorn's wild jazz ,this goes into that fire-y realm. Not a late night listen. Still of substance....but an old term used to be Fire Jazz. "Confrontational" , is still the word I'd use. I wonder what brought his "ire" on here???
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