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A fantastic archival collection of all previously unreleased early studio and rehearsal (and a few live) recordings featuring the musicians we know as Supersister, but mostly not yet sounding like Supersister; for example, Pinknal Sally sounds shockingly like 1967 Pink Floyd, other than the flute break.
It’s disappointing that the package comes with no info - it makes sense that that is so, since it was released with a book, but since they DID sell it separately, and should have given us a little more info – I’ve dug out what I can from the net, but it’s still incomplete. Obviously, only for hard-core fans, but those folks will absolutely be delighted!

[1] 2×3=Six blue dwarfs 1.17 De Laan, The Hague, September 1969
[2] Pinknal Sally 3.49 Westland Studio, Naaldwijk, 18 July 1969
[3] Seven Devils 3.30 Westland Studio, Naaldwijk, July 18, 1969
[4] Heebaberieba 3.06 , Hilversum, 12 November 1969
[5] Lonely Rocking Rocket Man 2.26 De Laan, The Hague, September 1969
[6] Seven Ways to Die 3.57 De Laan, The Hague, September 1969, Hilversum, 12 November 1969
[7] In die allee 3.13, Hilversum, 12 November 1969
[8] Lame farmer's waltz 1.08 , Hilversum, November 12, 1969
[9] We’re on a Ship Now 4.22 [leftover van de M.A.N. tape?], Hilversum, 12 november 1969
[10 Superblues – Supergreen Love Machine 5.42 Hilversum, November 12, 1969 + Westland Studio, Naaldwijk, July 18, 1969
[11] French Key to Britain 7.27 Rasa Youth Center, Utrecht, 24 March 1972
[12] Woods of Frustrated Men 3.41 De Laan, The Hague, September 1969
[13] Metamorphosis 10.11 Concordia, Haastrecht, June 20, 1970
[14] Sweet Dakota 13.05 Concordia, Haastrecht, 20 June 1970
[15] Old Little Washer Woman 1.42 Circustheater, Scheveningen, March 3, 1972

“Originally a Limited Edition, included with the first 450 copies of the Fred Baggen biography 'Supersister Looking Back, Naked' [Grumpy Steve notes: only published in Dutch, which is why we don’t carry it]. The album is comprised of never before released songs, written about in the book and recorded by Supersister in 1969 and the early 70's.”

“Sometimes you are lucky. In this case it was a happy accident.
Ton, an acquaintance of my wife and me passed away unexpectedly. Sad.
What he left behind was a large music collection, including a few chests of drawers with music cassettes. From what I understand, the cassettes were all recorded by Ton himself. Just go to a concert with a portable cassette recorder and start recording.
About 100 cassettes with concerts by Focus, Alquin, Solution, Kayak, Livin Blues, Brainbox and many foreign artists and...SUPERSISTER.
I've only listened to a fraction of the cassettes. When I retire in a few years, I may have time to listen and digitize everything. But for Supersister I made an exception. Music transferred to PC and then the files on a USB stick. Of course Robert Jan and Aad received a copy.
Nice detail, the cassettes were for sale on the marketplace for a short time. Fortunately without a very clear description. There was no interest. When I realized what a treasure trove of recordings are on the cassettes, I entered into a conversation with the heirs and the sale was quickly completed.”-Clemens van Driel, 15 december 2020
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