Suzuki, Akio / David Toop - Breath Taking

Akio Suzuki - kikkukikiriki, stone flute, small stones, pan pipe, ireba, silent toy
David Toop - flutes, bone whistle, dog whistles, stones, whistling pot, organic materials, feedback device

"Breath-Taking is the result of one of Akio Suzuki's rare visits to England. Suzuki's music proceeds from meditation and transforms quotidian objects (a stone flute, small stones, a 'silent toy') into fragile means of communication. David Toop makes a very compatible sound-mate. Here he uses an assortment of flutes and whistles, along with a whistling pot and 'organic materials' (a vague enough description to allow the listener to imagine at will). Upon first listen, one may think of two serious men making childlike music, but the level of contemplation found in this single, 37-minute piece dispels this first impression. The performance is not particularly striking, even from the point of view of such a quiet form of improvisation, but it is obvious that the music doesn't intend to strike or compel. It is born out of such simplicity that it simply exists; it is there, discreetly inhabiting one's listening space, and its sole presence is a marvel. One finds an interesting level of interaction between the artists and inventive, creative sound-making at play."-Fran├žois Couture, All Music Guide
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