Synergy - Cords (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Cords was the third album to be released from Synergy and was originally released in 1978 whilst Larry Fast was recording and working with Peter Gabriel on his second solo album. The album is wholly composed and performed by Larry fast and contains the tracks Full Moon Flyer, Trellis and Terra Incognita."

"Larry Fast weaves a tapestry of music that evokes dervishes, grand symphonies, syncopation, chamber music and a myriad of other styles, all within a coherent motif that flows from one piece to the next. I rarely get tired of listening to this album. This is electronic music at its best. Instead of depending on repetitive drum tracks, etc. Fast creates music that utilizes traditional styles, while forging new territory using his imagination."-J. Kemker

"This album blew me away in 1977 as a thoughtful, fast-forward use of electronic instrumentation for melodic music. While others around were utilizing similar technology, this album is truly inspired with music commensurate with the instrumentation (technology) that moves from beginning to end with the right mix of excitement and understatement making this a truly classic recording."-Eric Whitney

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