Synergy - Sequencer (expanded) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Beginning with the 1975 landmark Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra, Synergy explored the possibilities inherent in synthesizer/sequencer technology and digital-studio production techniques, resulting in some of the most inventive electronic music of the '70s. It was mostly the work of synthesizer expert Larry Fast, who also brought electronics to the mainstream by coordinating synthesized passages for dozens of pop acts during the '70s and '80s, including Yes, Peter Gabriel, Meatloaf, John Denver, Barbra Streisand, Hall & Oates, Kate Bush, Foreigner, and Randy Newman."-AllMusic

"Before Peter Gabriel did "Games without Frontiers", Larry Fast, AKA Syenergy was working up his second album, "Sequencer" which rivals Walter/Wendy Carlos and all other electronic key boardist that have come. This is a must have item for those interested in the development of the synthesizers in music."-Raven Tilley
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