Syzygy - The Allegory Of Light

"You ready to sink your teeth into some deeply intense old-school prog? About 10 years ago we used to offer a great CD by a band called Witsend. The album was called Cosmos And Chaos. After quite a bit of acclaim the long promised follow up album never arrived. With the unavailability of their lone disc the band basically sank without a trace. Arriving in my mailbox the other day was a new CD from the trio now rechristened Syzygy (after another band swiped their name in the interim). It seems that the three members, Carl Baldassarre (guitars/basses/vocals), Sam Giunta (keys), and Paul Mihacevich (drums/vocals) had gone on hiatus to raise their families. Re-energized, the trio has picked up exactly where they left off creating uncompromising symphonic rock in the grand tradition of ELP, Yes, Kansas, UK and King Crimson. Expect long epic tracks with virtuoso playing. Without diminishing the talents of Giunta and Mihacevich (who are both fantastic), the real heart and soul of the band continues to be guitarist Carl Baldassarre, who reminds me of a cross between Steve Hackett and John Goodsall. Production wise this has the feel of a 70s album - no slickness here."-Ken Golden
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