TEE - Total Edge Effect CD

Kenji Imai - flute, piccolo
Ryuji Yonekura - piano, synthesizers
Takayuki Asada - drums & percussion
Yukio Iigahama - bass, fretless bass
Katsumi Yoneda – guitars

This is the fifth album by TEE, also sometimes known as T.E.E., also sometimes known as The Earth Explorer.
Here’s what you need to know: TEE are a super competent symphonic / progressive rock band with jazz/rock touches, with a line-up of instrumentation the same as the second and third Kenso albums, and comparisons with Kenso are actually completely apt and spot on. For fans of the most classic (imo) period of Kenso, this is great stuff.
Also of significant note is the fact that guitarist Katsumi is also the guitarist in French TV!
  • LabelPretentious Dinosaur
  • UPC198003276420
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