Tabletom - Mezclalina vinyl lp (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

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Jesús Manuel Ortiz - bass, violin
Salvador Zurita - drums
Jose Ramírez - flute
Pedro Ramírez - guitar
José Javier Denis - saxophone
Roberto González - vocals

This is the first vinyl reissue of this Spanish rarity since it was first released in 1980! Released on RCA in 1980 and released by RCA here!

Tabletom arose from a hippie-commune in Malaga, Spain around 1976, led by singer Roberto Gonzalez and brothers Jose Ramirez (flute) and Pedro Ramirez (guitar). The original formation included also Jesus Manuel Ortiz on bass/violin, Jose Denis on sax and drummer Paco Oliver, who was later replaced by Salvador Zurita. They debuted in 1980 on RCA with the album ''Mezclalina''.
By the time they sounded like an Andalusian version of VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR minus the darkened atmospheres and Aussies COMPANY CAINE or LIZARD minus the harder material. They offered five long tracks with dominant use of flutes and saxes, featuring plenty of jazzy underlines in a combination that contained also evident Flamenco-styled rhythms and narcotic, psychedelic instrumentals.
Vocals are used only sporadically and the focus relies on extended, instrumental jams with an interesting rhythm section and abnormal soloing by flutes, sax and violin. The music is surprisingly energetic and quite rich despite its mellow atmosphere, coming as a mix of loose executions and well-structured themes in a Psych/Jazz Rock vein, but there are also moments with clear prog tendencies, characterized by more pronounced interplays and dynamic guitar work, not to mention the bulk of changing climates.
Gonzalez, who appeared to be one of the band's leaders, had an uneven, raspy voice, which comes as the lowest part of an otherwise cool release.
Last track ''La guerra'' contains propably the most balanced sound of the band with extensive, harder guitars battling with flutes and saxes throughout, creating a nice mix of jazzy atmospheres and dense Progressive Rock.”-rateyourmusic
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  • UPC190759273111
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