Tamenend Clark, Todd - Nova Psychedelia (1975-1985) 2 x CDs

"Outside of his native Pennsylvania-West Virginia stomping grounds, Todd Tamanend Clark remains one of the least known North American underground artists in the 'lost music' DIY field of his era, considering he has collaborated with and shared time with many of his peers over the years (Cheetah Chrome, Allen Ravenstine, Stiv Bators), as well as progenitors (Dorothy Moskowitz of United States of America, Robert Moog, William Burroughs), his significant body of recorded (and printed) work was always made in small runs and has remained elusive and highly collectible to this day. This 2CD set collects all of his released vinyl recordings from 1975-1985, including those issued as The Stars (1975 45 rpm and eight-track cartridge material), The Eyes (New Gods: Aardvark Thru Zymurgy LP from 1977), Todd Clark Group (We're Not Safe! LP from '79), and Todd Clark (Into the Vision LP from '84, plus two 45s released in the first half of the '80s). He has since appended his name to reflect his Native American roots. This document features a 20 page booklet, with Todd's own personal history included, with notes on each track (all 33 of 'em, total time for this set is over 150 minutes of music), and a host of great photos and artwork. His muse may remain a mystery after you experience this wide range of sounds, which might very well be Anopheles Records' most ambitious and 'out there' release to date, but he leaves tangible clues and some out and out hooks with which to grab onto: great reworkings of 'Hungry' (Paul Revere and the Raiders) and 'I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night' (Electric Prunes), his bizarre 'slo-mo' take on 'Two Thousand Light Years From Home' (from his debut 45 from '75) are some points of reference, but it's when Todd cuts loose on original material that his truly mesmerizing, bent vision takes hold of your cranium and refuses to let go. His personal magnetosphere is quite intoxicating, often challenging, and just plain hallucinatory. That's Nova Psychedelia..."
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