Tandaapushi - Fire Disposal

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Nice, noisy stuff by the trio of Léo Dupleix: Keyboards, Laurens Smet: Bass & Louis Evrard: Drums that keeps a beat and a groove and keeps your interest! Completely different, but fans of Schnellertollermeier will probably also dig this. Listen to the track below and hear what I mean!

"Tandaapushi is a power trio, playing mostly improvised music. After meeting in Brussels and sharing the stage in many different musical contexts, they felt the need to join forces to create a very special combo, inspired by their common love for free jazz, noise, avant rock and all sort of electronic divagations, taking primitive musical elements such as drones, soundscape, relentless grooves, and shaping them until reaching a state close to trance. They play mostly with a high level of energy and density, pushing their limits a little bit more each time."

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