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One of the great ones in their cannon and surprisingly creepy! Many folks outside of the progressive world and the electronic space music world first heard of Tangerine Dream here. Recommended.

"Digitally remastered edition of the German Electronic outfit's classic soundtrack to the legendary film Sorcerer, directed by William Friedkin in 1976. a remake of the 1953 film the Wages of Fear, Tangerine Dream members Edgar Froese, Christopher Franke and Peter Baumann composed a stunning Electronic score which perfectly accompanied Friedkin's imagery and was the band's first commission for a Hollywood movie. This edition restores the original album artwork and includes a lavishly illustrated booklet with new essay."

"Of all the albums Tangerine Dream released in the 1970s, this 1977 score for the film Sorcerer is undoubtedly the scariest. In fact, even the photo of the three band members (Peter Baumann, Edgar Froese, and Chris Franke) depicted in the liner notes is somewhat disturbing and menacing. Interestingly enough, William Friedkin's liner notes indicate that the music was written without any of the band members actually having viewed any footage. This is an even more impressive achievement when you consider that Freidkin felt that the film and the soundtrack were virtually "inseparable". The CD is approximately 45 minutes in length and the music is spread across twelve, uncharacteristically short tracks. Each track is dominated by loads of analog synthesizers including instruments by Moog, ARP, and Oberheim. Mellotron use (including the large Mark V) is also very heavy and should please most mellotron fans. Although I really enjoy this album, the only minor complaint that I have is that the tracks are just too short - just when I start being drawn into a piece it rather abruptly ends. However, the compositions all convey the same brooding and menacing mood, so the momentum is only slowed a tiny bit during the pause between individual tracks. All in all, I would have to highly recommend this album to all general electronica fans and Tangerine Dream fans. Excellent stuff."-Jeffrey J Park
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