Tarkus - Tarkus (special)

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Semi-legendary Peruvian hard rock album from 1972, who released this one album and then dissapeared into the mists of time. Vocals, dual guitars, bass and drums, at times this almost presages the sound of stoner rock by 30 years. A lot of this is really over the top for the period and awesomely fun.

"Nobody seems to be mentioning this, but this album is unmistakably proto-metal. Those riffs are massive! "Tema Para Lilus" is the heaviest track, and it sounds ahead of its time. It has a monstrously heavy, evil growl of a riff in the right speaker playing in tandem with a wicked sounding, higher pitched, acid-fuzz toned riff in the left. My ears just love it. Nice and sloppy in the right way with appropriate insane vocals that are far less annoying than 90% of hard/heavy rock singers."-rateyourmusic.com

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