Tartar Lamb - Sixy Metonymies

"Tartar Lamb is the duo of Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya (both of Kayo Dot), put together specifically to perform and record Toby's long-form violin and electric guitar duet, "Sixty Metonymies," and with the potential to move on to other pieces in the future. Tartar Lamb is augmented by the participation of Tim Byrnes (trumpet) and Andrew Greenwald (drums) of The Friendly Bears. This full-length CD comes with beautiful hand-painted artwork by Toby, printed in a high-quality parchment insert and contained in a classy fiberboard jacket."

"Tartar Lamb, a duo of one Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya. They only get together as such to perform this work, '60 Metonymies' for violin and guitar, which was written by Toby driver, although they might come together in the future to record other pieces. Although '60 Metonymies' is primarily a a duet for violin and guitar, Tim Barnes trumpet) and Andrew Greenwald (drums) are also brought in on some pieces to add some extra sound. Also studio treatment plays an important role on this CD. It's not always a pure, clean recording of two instruments, but sound effects play some role. It works best as an extended group then, so with the trumpet on drums, like on the ninth track (no track listing come with my copy, but looking at the xeroxed photos of the cover, it no doubt looks like a great cover). Intimate, atmospheric pieces of music, that holds somewhere in between improvisation and composition. Here instruments call for a lead in the play, and makes hitherto more intense music. Quite nice."-Vital Weekly/Frans de Waard
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