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Second album and the most obscure release from this early Finnish progressive band. They combine very progressive and jazzy influences (they had a full time reed player) with early Traffic, as well as other rock influences. It was recorded in Stockholm, Sweden in August of 1970, and for some reason was only released in Sweden. Guitarist Jukka Tolonen declares that this was his favorite of their four albums, and it's easy to see why, based on the real maturity of this early song-form progressive disc. This is by far their rarest album, and for many years this has been unavailable.

"Undoubtedly the rarest item in Tasavallan Presidentti's discography is the 2nd album. Released by EMI Sweden in 1971, the album followed hot on the heels of the first, also untitled album which came out on Love Records in late 1969. The band returned to Love Records for 1972's classic album Lambertland, with an updated lineup, and the Swedish album remained an oddity which wasn't reissued in any format until 30 years later when it appeared on CD. The Svart reissue of this criminally underrated early prog rock gem comes wrapped in a gatefold jacket, which features all lyrics, liner notes and unseen photos."
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