Taxonomy: Elio Martusciello/Graziano Lella/Roberto Fega - A Global Taxonomical Machine

Taxonomy (Martusciello, Lella, Fega) plays compositions and improvises, exploring the syncretism between different musical codes. Taxonomy always allows the whole to be divided up into its constituent parts. A line of shadow between osmosis and isomorphism. Martusciello and Fega are members of the improvisation group Ossatura.... this group chooses an electro-noise approach. The finesse of the mix, worthy of electroacoustic music, highlights the rich details, a dynamic palette ranging from clashing noise to silent tracks. The album, A Global Taxonomical Machine, offers a gripping blend of concrete noise, abstract electronic effects and acoustic sections. Martusciello and Fega also work in the improv group Ossatura, a major act on the international avant-garde music circuit.
  • LabelAmbiances Magnetiques
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