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Taylor, Gregory / Darwin Grosse -Tourbillon Solo

SKU POL 02 2014
I'm quite a fan of Gregory Taylor's works, which are electronic and completely unique, to my ears. This one is obviously heavily inspired by gamelan music and is a real winner.

"Like Robert Henke, Keith Fullerton Whitman, or Christopher Willits, Gregory Taylor and Darwin Grosse take on the problem of developing new ways to originate pieces by setting aside typical compositional / improvisational techniques in favor of developing new sound technologies. Taylor unifies the practice of synthesis, sampling, processing and looping into a single, simultaneously occurring stream of events that the listener perceives in the same living moment in which the composer creates. The resulting music is a shifting, densely interrelated cloud of layered and juxtaposed materials which essentially make music out of music, colored with the metallic intonations of Gamelan."
  • LabelPalace of Lights
  • UPC888174824420
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