Taylor, Mike - Preparation CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Mike Taylor (piano)
Dave Tomlin (soprano saxophone)
Tony Reeves (double bass
Jon Hiseman (drums)

Mike Taylor only released two albums in his very short lifetime, which were recorded in 1965 and 1966 (and then, totally weirdly, two more that were recorded in 1965 were uncovered and released in 2021!).
After a long time trying to source this release, I finally got a copy and I made quiet time for myself as soon as I could and I played it.
I saw some bitching, somewhere on the Internet about ‘really poor sound’, which had me unnecessarily worried; my god, it’s unprofessional *practice* tapes from 1965!
You can hear ALL the instruments and they are well balanced, even if a bit mid-fi.
The packaging is really nice and the booklet is huge and amazing and I just wanted to say how happy that I am that I bought this and any fan of Mike Taylor with reasonable expectations will be thrilled with this! Hugely recommended. This was THE archival discovery and release of 2021 for me and while they last, we have them at an unbeatable price. If you are even REMOTELY interested in the revolutions that were happening in jazz in the 60s and/or ‘Brit-jazz’, you NEED to own this.

“This is the first ever release of a newly discovered tape of this legendary British jazz quartet's final rehearsal before going into the studio to make their fabled Pendulum album in October 1965.
Recorded in Taylor's grandparents' London living room by Reeves, it's has striking presence and immediacy, and will fascinate all admirers of this most enigmatic of composers and musicians.”
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