Taylor, Robin - Art Cinema (special)

"Robin Taylor's '08 ofshoot is his first attempt ever to record an album full of songs (sung by two female vocalists). Among the fine players we find guitarist Michael Denner and drummer Bjarne Holm (both of MERCYFUL FATE fame), bassist Flemming Muus, and saxophonist Carsten Sindvald. Dark melodic progressive rock with lots of atmosphere."

Robin Taylor - guitars; keyboards; percussion
Jytte Lindberg – primary lead vocals
Louise Nipper – lead & backing vocals
Michael Denner – guitars
Bjarne Holm – drums
Carsten Sindvald – saxophones
Flemming Muus Tranberg – bass
Jon Hemmersam – guitars
Pierre Tassone – violin

"Taylor's slight shift in strategy yields abundant dividends." – All About Jazz

"A rare case when a relatively simple progressive music is so highly appealing, this album is filled with strong melodies and clever arrangements and would have certainly found its haven at a major label had it been released back in the ‘80s." – progressor.net

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  • LabelMarvel of Beauty
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